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    • Damage caused at unattended moments or by poor fixation or use of weak supports are not covered by our warranty program.
    • When you choose a base with wheels, always apply the brake to the wheels when the Hulasol is left unsupervised.
    • When you choose a permanent fixation, the customer is solely responsible for fixing the base in the ground. In exceptional circumstances, the company Solspiration can be hired to install a permanent fixation in the ground and thus the responsibility will be transferred to the company Solspiration.
    Opening and closing
    • When closing the Hulasol, the holder and protection cover need to be correctly used. Failure in doing so can cause damage even in a closed position. This kind of damage is not covered by our warranty program.
    • Direct and indirect damage caused by a falling Hulasol, whether it is in open or closed position, is not covered by the warranty. Always place and store the Hulasol in a safe, wind-free place.
    • Check our videos for more detailed instructions.
    • As wind does not have constant speed, and as gusts of wind are often more powerful than imagined, we advise to close the Hulasol at all times whenever wind speeds exceeds 50 km/hour (6 Beaufort).
    • Always unplug the 220V/110Vplug before connecting/releasing other connectors.
    • Cover the connectors with the protective hoods to prevent ingress of water or dust. Failure in doing so may cause water damage which is not covered by the warranty.
    • The battery is designed to be according to the IP65 rating, so it is protected against water jets from any angle. The battery charger is designed for the indoor environment, so the battery must be charged indoor.
    • Factors that shorten the service life: Heavy use, Storage above 30°C ambient temperature, Long-term storage fully drained.
    • We advise therefore to store the battery at a temperature between 10° and 20°C and fully charged.


    • Clean the Hulasol canvas and cover using lukewarm water and a PH-neutral mild detergent. Wipe carefully using a soft brush. Never use a high pressure washer to clean the Hulasol.
    • Never place the cover on the Hulasol when it's wet, this causes mildew. 

    Frame and base

    • Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth.
    • With intensive usage of the products in a hostile (sea, sand, chlorine,...) environment, we advise that you regularly (once every quarter) rinse the canopy, frame and base using fresh water in order to prevent the build-up of salt residue.