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Award winning design

Red Dot Jury statement: "This sun umbrella succeeds in creating a highly individual design language that impresses. Not only the original contour of the textile parasol and its material properties are surprising, Hulasol also offers a comfortable additional benefit. Its atmospheric light creates an inviting ambience and achieves an emotionally appealing effect."

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Iconic LighT
inspiring Shade 

Multifunctional use

Hulasol is the world’s first combination of lamp and sun umbrella. Designed to captivate and comfort, its curves celebrate sun and moon. Whether you are entertaining guests or seeking blissfull solitude, Hulasol transforms your outdoor environment with truly innovative panache from sunrise to sunset. Now you can enjoy your poolside, garden or patio all year round, day or night.

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Wind and weather resistant

Traditional ribs are replaced by a rigid aluminum ring on the outside to ensure durability and Hulasol is extensively tested in extreme weather conditions. As a result, Hulasol is extremely wind stable due to the round shape and aerodynamic engineering.

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Ambient light

Hulasol lamp is easily dimmable to create the perfect mood via an intuitive smartphone app. 

The led light source can be powered by cable and plug. Or it can be equipped with a powerful battery under the base making it suitable for every environment.


Architects, designers and hotel owners select our product to furnish outdoor hotel and residential design all over the world. Our strength is our flexibility, our unique product and our ability to customize colours.

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We offer the Hulasol in various colors and designed different options. Configure and customize your own Hulasol, tailored to your needs and environment.

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