Hulasol outdoor mood lamp and design sun umbrella

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Hulasol brings the best of classic Belgian design to the contemporary outdoor spaces you create. Creatively engineered and artistically rendered, our exclusive and award winning design makes novel use of handcrafted materials to bring you luxurious comfort to cherish. Whether you’re entertaining guests or seeking blissful solitude, Hulasol transforms your outdoor environment with truly innovative panache.

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Design sun umbrella

RevoLUtionary Design

Hulasol is the world's first classy outdoor mood lamp and sun umbrella combined in one beautiful eye-catcher. Designed to captivate and comfort, its curves celebrate sun and moon.

Freedom to Relax in Style

Create calming shade beneath azure skies or soothing illumination under the stars. Whatever you tranquil mood you seek from your outdoor space, Hulasol’s unique versatility will surprise you. Now you can enjoy your poolside, garden or patio all year round, day or night.


Architects, designers and hotel owners select our product to furnish outdoor hotel and residential design all over the world. Our strength is our flexibility and our ability to customize features like colours, anchoring, lighting (RGBW),... 

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Innovative patented folding mechanism Hulasol
Innovative patented folding mechanism Hulasol

Innovative Features

Hulasol’s patented folding mechanism makes a bold visual statement and challenges the traditional way we think of sun umbrellas. It folds away into a compact and organic shape with a beauty all of its own. 

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