RGBW light


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    • Diameter: 270 cm
    • Height to ring: 220 cm
    • Height to top of the central pole: 270 cm
    • Height in closed position: 290 cm
    • Weight Hulasol: 15 kg
    • Weight Hulasol base: 50 kg


    • The fabrics are made of premium solution-dyed polyester, this guarantees that colors resist fading and fabrics will not break down after many years of exposure to the sun.
    • The fabrics are tested according to the UV Standard 801 resulting in a UV40-80 protection. This equal's that the fabric blocks 97.5-98.75% of UV radiation.


    • The central pole is made of stainless steel, proving a solid and stable Hulasol.
    • The horizontal ring and hinges are designed in aluminum with a fine structure powder coating. This in combination with the gas spring mechanism, ensures the fabrics are always tensioned in all weather circumstances.
    • The base is built of a solid steel plate, metallized and covered with a fine structure powder coating surface. It is offered with braked wheels.


    • Leds are standard available in warm white (2700 Kelvin). The life span of the leds is 50 000 working hours.

    • Hulasol is offered with a smart light control by app. Easy configuration via Casambi app, available in the App Store (Apple) and Google Play Store (Android). 
    • European grounded plug (1,5 meter)
    • All led components and connectors are waterproof (IP65).
    • We can offer other led controllers when you are already using an existing smart home system. 

    Intellectual property

    • The innovative opening mechanism is patent pending since 2020.
    • The trade name is protected since 2016.

    Do's & Dont's

    • Always apply the brake to the wheels when the Hulasol is left unsupervised.
    • As wind does not have constant speed, and as gusts of wind are often more powerful than imagined, we advise to close the Hulasol at all times whenever wind speeds exceeds 40 km/hour (5 Beaufort).
    • Never leave the Hulasol unattended.
    • Never place the cover on the Hulasol when it's wet.
    • Unplug the 230V plug before connecting/releasing other connectors.
    • Cover the connectors with the protective hoods to prevent ingress of water or dust.



    • Clean the Hulasol canvas and cover using lukewarm water and a PH-neutral mild detergent. Wipe carefully using a soft brush. Never use a high pressure washer to clean the Hulasol.

    Frame and base

    • Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth.
    • With intensive usage of the products in a hostile (sea, sand, chlorine,...) environment, we advise that you regularly (once every quarter) rinse the canopy, frame and base using fresh water in order to prevent the build-up of salt residue.