The first installation is very easy. You receive two parts, the Hulasol and the Hulasol base. You need to connect them with each other by tightening the nuts.

An instruction movie will be available soon.

Configuration Hulasol with Philips Hue bridge

The lamp will be controlled by the Philips Hue app on your smartphone. It is important that the Hulasol is connected to a Wifi network.

Open the Hulasol

  1. Lift the ratchet mechanism and spin it anti-clockwise.
  2. Lift the hinges out the ratchet and spin the Hulasol until there are two ring halfs.
  3. Are you alone? Open the ring by attaching the cord to the hinges and lift the ring. Is there somebody else helping you? Lift the ring simultaneously at both sides. Lock the hinges with the red lock.
  4. Pull down the lower fabric until you hear a "click". The Hulasol will lift off automatically to the right height.

Close the Hulasol

  1. Pull down the lower fabric to a lower position until you hear a "click".
  2. Unlock the hinges on both sides by opening the red lock. The ring will open up in two halfs.
  3. Spin the Hulasol clockwise a couple of times.
  4. Lift the hinges in the ratchet mechanism.
  5. Spin the ratchet clockwise until you end up with a compact shape.


We recommend to close the Hulasol and to put the wheel brakes on when there is a strong wind.


We care about our products and strive to deliver them in perfect conditions. Nevertheless it may occur that the Hulasol is harmed during transport or another defect takes place. Fortunately this is covered by our warranty. The buyer needs to notify us within 2 months after the defect is discovered. When we agree on the warranty claim, we will repair or replace the Hulasol without any additional charges. The warranty period is 2 years.

Dispute settlement

If you feel there is some issue with the product that we delivered, feel free to notify us by sending an email to Consumers in the European Union can also register claims via the ODR platform from the European Commission on the website or on the platform of the European Union.