Created and conceived in Belgium, our exclusive designs reimagine how people interact with their surroundings. Handcrafted from select materials, each of our bespoke creations blends artistry, technology and functionality to create inviting and novel spaces for people to enjoy. 
We believe ambient and cozy settings are the perfect catalyst for enriching people’s lives.

Peter Mortelmans and Lin Bertels


Making this happen takes time, care and expertise, but for those who appreciate truly revolutionary furniture there is no other way.

The inspiring idea by Amandus VanQuaille from Nomad Concept, specialized in membrane technology, was fleshed out by Peter and Lin during five years of a meticulous design process. Peter handles our product development, where his passion for exploring new possibilities brings our design ideas to life. Lin oversees textile confection and her strong organizational skills provide the direction for our buying and marketing. 

All together, we combine our expertise and ambition to honor the excellence of Belgian craft and innovation.

> 6 years of research

An extensive development, testing and validation process led to this innovative product.

2 international awards

In 2021 Hulasol won the Good Design Award and in 2022 the Red Dot Best of the Best award.

1 patent

Hulasol has a truly revolutionizing patented opening mechanism.